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  • 384306540_294683253311750_5471062733158848120_n (1)
    Srogie [3/5 PCS]
    29/39 zł
    Crispy dumplings with minced lamb shoulder, mint sauce
  • Pigletki [3/5 PCS]
    23/35 zł
    Crispy dumplings with pulled pork shoulder, mango sauce
  • PoliCHECK!
    29 zł
    Smoked & pulled beef check in crispy bread crumbs served with anchovies mayonnaise [3 szt / 120g]
  • Ozorek
    29 zł
    Ox tongue, thinly sliced served with truffle mayonnaise, fresh parmesan [100g] and grilled brioche,
  • Salmon Gravlax
    37 zł
    Served on grilled brioche with sesame mayonnaise and wakame [80g]
  • Bifforek
    43 zł
    Home smoked meet platter, pastrami, [50g], brisket [50g], bacon, [50g], mustard and home pickles


  • Ave cezar (smoked chicken thigh)
    35 zł
    Romaine lettuce, pickled cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, boiled egg, crutones, parmesan, anchovies sauce
  • Ave cezar (salmon gravlax)
    39 zł
    Romaine lettuce, pickled cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, boiled egg, crutones, parmesan, anchovies sauce
  • Hello me!
    35 zł
    Romaine lettuce, grilled beetroots, halloumi cheese, pickled chillies, walnuts, mustard dressing

Main dish

  • To the bone
    69 zł
    Grilled Rib of beef served on the bone [280g] served with coleslaw, chips and sauce of your choice
  • Full Rack
    59 zł
    Grilled pork ribs, glazed with bbq sauce served with fries and coleslaw
  • Plate of pastrami
    44 zł
    Our home smoked Pastrami [120g], anchovies mayonnaise, pickled cucumbers & grilled brioche
  • Special quest
    *ask staff for availability
  • Full Wypas
    35 zł
    Crispy fries loaded with juicy, pulled beef cheek or pulled pork shoulder, covered with cheese sauce & pickled chillies
  • Czary - mary
    19/25/40 zł
    Marinated in house spices, grilled chicken wings 3/5 or 10 pieces, sauce of your choice
  • Smoked treat (for 4 people)
    249 zł
    12 chicken wings, Pastrami [120g], 4 crispy beef cheek cubes, beef rib, pork ribs [400 g] Sides: Fries, Sweet potatoes chips, coleslaw, griled sweetcorn & 4 sauces of your choice

Burgers (110-120g)

  • Psst!rami
    39 zł
    Pastrami Burger in brioche bun, pickled cucumbers, dill mayonnaise
  • Nie pal mostów
    39 zł
    Smoked beef brisket, house pickled cucumber & chilli, bbq sauce
  • Owca ofiarna
    47 zł
    Pulled lamb shoulder, aubargine puree, mint sauce, pickled onions
  • Double trouble
    43 zł
    Smoked beef brisket, grilled bacon, house pickles and chilli, cheddar & buffalo sauce
  • Dirty Pig
    38 zł
    Smoked, pulled pork shoulder [150g], mango - habanero sauce, house made kimchi and fried egg
  • Cheek to cheek
    38 zł
    Smoked & pulled beef cheek, pickled onions & chilli, truffled mayonnaise
  • Freaking chicken
    37 zł
    Smoked & pulled chicken thigh, bbq sauce & coleslaw
  • Hunt beetroot (vege)
    37 zł
    Beetroot patty, aioli, pickled cucumbers, chilli, romaine salad
  • Uwędzony SET
    55 zł
    Set of 3 mini burgers [Nie pal mostow, Owca ofiarna, Cheek to Cheek]
  • Collins Brothers Burger
    69 zł
    XL size brioche bun, with double portion of meat, Gregs half - spicy with smoked beef brisket / grilled bacon / buffalo sauce / pickled chilli. Rafal’s half - mild, with our Pastrami, dill mayonaise / pickled cucumbers


Kids menu

    19 zł
    with chips
    25 zł
    with chips

Side dishes

  • Colesław
    13 zł
  • Seasonal salad
    13 zł
  • Grilled sweet corn
    14 zł
  • Fries
    13 zł
  • Sweet potato chips
    16 zł


  • Truffle mayonnaise
    5 zł
  • Aioli
    5 zł
  • BBQ
    5 zł
  • Buffalo
    5 zł
  • Gorgonzola
    5 zł
  • Mango-habanero
    5 zł


  • Seasonal cake
    19 zł
    with ice cream
  • New york style cheescake
    19 zł
    with ice cream
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